The Chakra System

Our bodies are made up of seven main chakras. (For my spiritual gurus, there are actually more, but for the sake of this post, I'll stick to the seven). Each chakra is associated with the colors of the rainbow as well. Starting from the bottom to the top the chakras are, root, sacral, solar-plexus, heart, throat, third-eye and crown. Root is red, sacral is orange, solar-plexus is yellow, heart is green, throat is blue, third-eye is indigo, and finally crown is purple or white. 

All the chakras are connected to one another, but the heart is the bridge between the top three and the bottom three. The top three consist of your crown, third-eye and throat chakra and are associated with feminine energy. Feminine energy is connected to spirituality and self-reflection. It is no wonder that "a woman's intuition is never wrong!" We need to trust it more. The bottom three are your solar-plexus, sacral, and root, associated with masculine energy. Masculine energy keeps us grounded to the physical world, and calls us to take needed action. The heart that beats inside of us swivels with a balance of masculine and feminine energy. An overactive chakra can work hard to help heal an under active chakra. Our energies are always working together to seek healing and an improved energetic flow (think of a gear system with all gears moving together; If one gets stuck or falls out of balance the others will fall out of balance eventually too).

The root chakra represents basic trust. Trust in yourself, others, and the universe. It is at the base of your spine, also consisting of your kidneys and adrenal glands. It is the passionate masculine energy we crave, but can also be overwhelmed with fear. These blocks can cause insecurity, resistance, (specifically to the outside world), extreme fatigue, and fear surrounding survival instincts. Stay rooted in faith and become grounded with the beautiful planet Earth we live on. You will feel much more motivated and confident once you do.


Your sacral is sexual energy that can also be harnessed into creativity. It is your ability to feel joy and desire. It's located a little behind the navel, near the reproductive organs, and lower kidneys. If you are feeling sexual imbalances, creative blocks, issues with the immune system, or low self-esteem, your sacral may have some wounding. Release possessiveness and jealousy, and allow yourself to experience high self-esteem, joy, and pleasure of all kinds. Yes, even that kind. 

Your solar-plexus is your personal power. It is in your core and consists of your breath. Your core is made up of your gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, liver and stomach. This can create indigestion and bloating. If you are experiencing any issues with your health in these departments or feeling blockages with your sense of purpose, or even anger, the solar-plexus is a great candle to work with. It reminds you to breath into your power. It is designed to help you feel connected to your inner divine masculine energy to take action toward your goals and improving yourself.

The heart chakra connects us with our ability to love. In addition to our heart center, the heart chakra is also made up of your lungs and thymus gland. As the Beatles famously sang, "All you need is love." However, if you are experiencing fear, especially around relationships, you made need some heart healing. Our bodies manifest our emotional pain physically, so this is especially useful if you are also experiencing heart palpations, issues with the lungs, or imbalances in your immune system. Let go of any grudges and let love in. 

In addition to your throat, the throat chakra consists of your thyroid, the larynx and vocal cords, as well as your self-expression. Blockages in your throat can feel like not being able to speak your truth, or sharing too much, also known as foot in mouth syndrome. Health issues that may arise are thyroid problems, excessive coughing, and conditions relating to metabolic and hormonal areas. If you would like to become a strong communicator, perhaps even sing more, or maintain a healthy weight, the throat chakra can be an excellent place to start.

Your third-eye is the area between your eyebrows, inside your head. It is where you can imagine, visualize what you would like to manifest into your life, but can also be blocked by fear. It consists of your pituitary gland. If you are experiencing health issues like poor vision, headaches, mental or hormonal issues, or even an irregular sleep schedule, you may be experiencing some blockages in your third-eye. Spiritually, your third-eye helps you become highly intuitive and creative, with a strong ability to manifest. With a healed third-eye, your memory strengthens and your hormones become more balanced. Light this candle up while blasting Chris Brown's jam, Indigo. "Open my third eyeeee!!"

Last but not least, the crown chakra is located at the top of your brain, also consisting of your pineal gland, allowing you to experience pure bliss. Think of the crown chakra, as the invisible crown you are already wearing on your head, queen! (Or king, or prince or princess if you'd prefer). If you are feeling blocked or limited with your ability to connect with your inner wisdom, or the wisdom of the Divine, God, or Source, whichever term you are comfortable with, the crown chakra candle can help aid those issues. When becoming more balanced, you will experience greater self-awareness and self-realizations. Wisdom already exists within us and is just waiting for us to find it! Remove any mental imbalances by adjusting your purple royal crown. 

Reiki and chakras go hand in hand, quite literally. Through the reiki master's hands, the reiki healer can sense chakra blockages within the person resting on the table. The reiki healing energy does not know time and space, so it can be sent to you through the flame and wax of the candles I have created and blessed for you. Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with you! These are simply upgrades made available to all. As Beyoncé says, "lemme upgrade ya!"

To understand more about Reiki, please refer to the "What's Reiki Anyway" blog post. 

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