What is Reiki anyway?

First and foremost, Reiki is energy. And everything is energy. If you practice yoga or meditation, tai chi, or any other physical activity, you are familiar with energy moving through your body. That energy is within you already, and is personal to you. Reiki energy connects our external circumstances to our higher self. It brings what surrounds us, back inside of us, to seek healing. 

If you have ever been able to notice a change in someone's energy through their body language or tone, or even unplugged or plugged in an electrical appliance, you already have the capacity to practice Reiki. I myself, have always felt connected to energy shifting within and around me, and learning Reiki has just enhanced my abilities to do so. 

As a Taurus rising, an Earth sign, I have always felt connected to the Earth and the need to work with my hands, physically. Now I have the capability and understanding how to do so, energetically as well. In order to notice a need for healing in someone else's energetic field and physical body, I had to work on myself first. Level 1 of Reiki Healing helped me see, feel, and understand where my own chakra blockages were. Level 2 allowed me to explore other classmates stagnations in the body. (To further understand what chakras are, please read the separate blog about them, as well).

Results from Reiki healing are not always immediate. They can take up to 3-4 weeks to notice a shift. It is important to be mindful and aware of changes you are noticing within yourself. These adjustments can range from having vivid dreams, different energy levels, release of emotions, and even minor symptoms of detoxing, depending on your wounding. You must be open and receptive to receiving the Reiki healing to gain its full benefits. Reiki is designed to help individuals grow whether it is through increased awareness, more wisdom, or intuitive insight.

Reiki practitioners don't decide where the healing takes place or when. Your own inner wisdom in your physical body will do that for you. Do not resist it. As Carl Jung once said, "what resists, persists." There is a Science behind Reiki healing, in addition to spiritual aspects. Kirlian photography was developed in the late 1930s to capture visual proof of these energies within and around us. There is a photography business local to Detroit, called AuraAura that offers this as well. Dr. Mikao Usui is credited as the founder of Reiki, though it is possible he only rediscovered this method in the late 1800s. After practicing Zen Buddhism, Usui discovered a healing method through hand positions and symbols, now understood as Reiki. Later, Mrs. Hawayo Takata would bring Reiki from Japan to Hawaii in 1937, and eventually the rest of the U.S; and other parts of the world.

Anyone and everyone can benefit from Reiki healing, but particularly so if you are feeling imbalanced in any way, or even low vitality. As a certified Reiki healer from Ascension Healing Arts Center in Southfield, Michigan, I infuse the candles with Reiki energy by blessing them with my hands, setting a mindful intention, and offering a prayer. In addition to Reiki healing, I incorporate crystals and scents to further enhance the candle themes. All you have to do is light your candle and feel it's magic. Be open to receiving. 

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